Wood Window Full Course Description

Wood Windows (Complete Restoration Guide)

FULL PACKAGE - Includes:

  • Full Wood Window Restoration Guide (Over 140 Videos; the A - Z Guide!)
  • PLUS - Just Make Your Windows Function Again!! (Mini-Guide)
  • PLUS - Metal Casement Window Basics
  • PLUS - Front Door Restoration Basics (Mini-Guide) 
  • PLUS - Hardware Restoration Guide

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The Wood Window Course is the complete restoration guide. This course has over 140 videos and each video has accompanying text to augment the video.  The videos are very low budget in their production value, but they cover the necessary information and will take you step-by-step through the restoration process.  They start with how to dismantle the window and finish with how to put it all back together, covering everything in between. 

Why are there so many videos if it is a relatively easy process? Well - when I started, I had about a million questions on how to do this process.  So, in my videos, I try to answer all these questions and just cover all the little tips I figured out along the way.  I basically pretended like I was explaining to a friend what to do, and I go over everything I’d want them to know.  You may not need all the information, especially if you’re already handy, but it’s there if you want it.

These videos should help you restore a majority of your windows. However, these videos do not cover how to rebuild a window or repair a rotted window frame, for example, as that is more for an expert. They will show you though how to take everything apart, restore it, and put it back together.  This will leave you more budget for instances where you need to hire a contractor to repair rotten wood or fix other problems.

One other note: old windows were not standardized. For example, I demonstrate on windows from a wooden house.  Windows placed into a brick or stucco house are often framed in slightly differently. Even though there are differences, the lessons covered here will still apply for a brick or stucco house, you would just change a step or two.  I cover these differences, but do not focus on it as they are not significant. 

This course also includes the mini courses. With these short courses, you can learn how to spruce up casement windows, learn tips on refinishing an antique door, or simply learn how to make the window operational again without full restoration.

These two videos show you the power of this course:


The first is me explaining to a contractor my ideas for the windows before I learned about window restoration.  It shows how bad the condition was of my windows when I started the process.



This second video shows the same window, several years after its full restoration.  It shows how beautiful a window can look after restoration, even when you’re starting from one that looks like it has no hope.


Wood Windows Chapter Map