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Step Two

Remove an Inner Rail



Since you can now open your window, you can being to focus on changing out the sash ropes.  Replacing the sash ropes will make your window fully functional again.  It will stay open and operate more smoothly.  The first step in replacing your ropes is to remove one of the inner rails to free the sash.




  • Pull Off the Inner Rail. First, pull off the inner rail as shown in the video. Also known as the “inner stop,” this is the vertical strip of wood on each side of the frame that holds the bottom sash in place.  Score the paint and then carefully remove one of inner rails using the stainless-steel Pry Bar and a Rubber Mallet.  For now you only need to remove one rail to take out the sash.  Be gentle prying off the inner rail as the inner rail is the hardest piece to replace, so do your best not to break it. *Important - keep all the original nails in the rail.  Doing this will enable you to use the original nails and nail holes to put the rail exactly back into its original place.  You can also clean up the rail to help the sash slide a bit better when you reinstall it.  Now, pull out the lower sash.  
  • Note: Many window weight pocket doors are half-buried under the inner rail.  If this is the case for you, and you want to remove the pocket doors to access the weights, then you will have to remove both rails.  For now, just remove one and you can decide later.

Are you done? Move on to Step Three: Access the Weights!