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Step Three

Access the Weights



Now it's time to access the weights.  There are a few ways to go about this.  See the options below.






  • Remove the Window Weight Pocket Doors. If you have a window weight pocket door, locate the screws holding in the pocket doors and unscrew them.  Not all pocket doors will have screws.  Some may be nailed in or have nothing at all.  Once you have it open, pull out the weights.  If the rope is still intact, just untie it from the weight.  Once you pull out the weights you may want to take a picture of the knot to see how the knot was originally tied (although I show you how to tie the weight again in these videos).   You’ll need a flathead screwdriver for this step.
  • Again, you can learn more about Window Weight Pocket Doors in my short explanation here: A Short Explanation On Window Weight Pocket Doors


  • Remove the Casing/ Trim if You Don’t Have Pocket Doors. If you don’t have a pocket door, you can also just remove the trim. (What I call the window “trim” in these videos is technically called the window “casing.”)   You can either pull off trim on the outside of the building or trim on the inside.  It doesn’t matter.  On the windows in these videos, I was forced to pull off the inner trim because the outside was stucco.  To start, score the paint on the top and sides of the trim if you want to reduce damage to the paint.  I didn’t do this in these videos because the trim and windows were going to be fully repainted after I finished.  Use the Stainless-steel Pry Bar Scraper and rubber mallet to slowly pull off the trim as shown in the video.  These are the only two tools you should need here.

Are you done? Move on to Step Four: Remove Nails!