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Step Eight

Make a Rope Template


*If you're only doing one window, you can skip this step.

If you plan to do multiple windows, this step will save you a ton of time.  To avoid remeasuring new ropes each time, use the new ropes you just measured out as templates for the new ropes you'll need on your other windows.





  • Make a Rope Template. Now undo this rope you just measured out and untie it from the sash and from the weight.  Now you can use this rope to make a template for all the other ropes you need to cut!  That way you're not remeasuring each time.  Label it with some masking tape so you remember that it is the rope template.  
  • Cut Some New Rope. Use your rope template to cut the remaining new sash ropes you'll need for your other windows.  For example, if you're changing sash ropes for bottom sashes of ten windows in your house, you'd need two ropes per window, so you can cut twenty pieces of sash rope.  Then when you restring your other windows, you can move very quickly.
Are you done? Move on to Step Nine: Hang Your Weights!