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A Short Explanation On Window Weight Pocket Doors

Many old windows, especially on buildings built by higher-end builders at the time, have window frames with little doors in the window jambs that can be opened to access the window weights.  The doors are helpful if you want to simply retie the weights, like what we are doing here.  If you do not have them, don’t worry, this is common!  The doors are not necessary for our purposes.  I will show you several ways of accessing the weights in this tutorial. 

Here is a quick video though about some pocket doors. 


  • MINS 0:00-END. Window Weight Pocket Doors on my Uncle’s House. Here is a short video I made at my Uncle’s 1890s house to show you some window weight pocket doors that are accessed on the outside of the house.  Many later pocket doors were placed on the interior of the house, like the doors in the majority of the videos in this chapter below.
window weight pocket door
A picture of a window weight pocket door at my professor’s house.
Using a coat hanger to help me pull the sash rop
Using a coat hanger to help me pull the sash rope through when I replaced the sash rope on my professor’s windows.




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