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Cleaning Method One: Scraping



One method to clean old paint and gunk off your hardware is to simply scrape it off!  Pretty simple.

You can do this by just chipping off the paint with a screwdriver. Or you can use a drill and wire wheel or a wire brush to knock the paint off.  However, before you decide on scraping, make sure to look at the slow cooking method too, as that is an even easier way to clean and strip the hardware.  Although the video below focuses on pulleys, you can use the scraping method for any type of hardware.  It just works especially well with window pulleys. Have fun! 

Removing the Hardware: If you need to first learn how to remove your hardware, watch VIDEO ONE ON THE NEXT PAGE.


You need several tools. To clean the pulleys using this method, it will be helpful to have:



  • MINS 0:00-END. Scraping the Paint off the Hardware.  Using window pulleys as the example, I show you how I scrape the paint off of them.  This is typically the process I follow only for the pulleys, and I use other methods for other types of hardware.  A summary of the instructions in the video:
    • Scrape the paint off the edge of the pulley with a scraper.
    • Use a screwdriver to knock off paint in the harder to reach areas.
    • Wire wheel the pulley wheel itself to remove the paint on the wheel
    • Polish up the rest of the pulley with the wire wheel.
    • Use the screwdriver to chip off any final paint.

Note: It takes me a few minutes per pulley to clean them up using this process.  

Are you done looking at this method?  Now try checking out the Slow Cooker Method on the next page!

OR -- If you've chosen to scrape all your hardware and now they are ready to be finished, skip forward to the chapter on choosing a finish called: Choosing a Finish: Spray Paint, Clear Coat, or Metal Aging.