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Cleaning Method Two: Use a Slow Cooker


Slow cooking the hardware is my favorite way to remove old paint.  Grab an old slow cooker, put about a 1/2 cup of baking soda in, fill it up with water, and turn it on high.  Then just drop the old hardware in the pot and leave it in all day and voila!, when you pull it out the paint will come right off.  For most homeowners, I suggest using this method.  The video below will show the whole process.

Removing the Hardware: Before you can cook it though - you'll have to take the hardware off the windows, doors, etc.  I go over how to do that too in Video One below.


For removing hardware, as shown in Video One below, you'll need:


Video One

  • Removing and Slow Cooking Your Hardware. I show you the process of how to remove paint using a slow cooker.  This works for locks, door hardware, handles, hinges, and even pulleys!  Really everything.  In the video, I remove some locks and door hardware and cook an assortment of different types of hardware.  This is a long video, so here it is broken out in case you want to skip some sections:
    • MINS 0:00-1:15. How to get the slow cooker ready (put in water and baking soda and turn it on)
    • MINS 1:15-3:50. Removing window locks.
    • MINS 3:50-4:40. Removing hardware from the door.
    • MINS 4:40-6:05. Dropping in the nasty, painted hardware into the slow cooker to cook.
    • MINS 6:05-16:00. Finish cooking – now showing you how to clean the hardware.

Video Two

  • MINS 0:00-END. The final result.


Are you done looking at this method?  Now try checking out the SAND BLASTING METHOD on the next page!

OR -- If you've chosen to slow cook all your hardware and now they are done and ready to be finished, skip forward to the chapter: Choosing a Finish: Spray Paint, Clear Coat, or Metal Aging