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1 Gal – Sarco Type M Putty for Wood Windows


For Wood Windows

Sarco putty is the best putty to use to glaze you windows. I recommend the “Type M” formula for glazing wood windows. Type-M is a quick surface skinning product and usually forms a skin overnight and is paintable within a few days. Type-M is designed to be used within a workshop, so this is not the glaze to use if you are glazing you windows in place and where they might be exposed to rain or weather elements (use the “dual glaze” formula for that). I find the Sarco putty to do very well at preventing mildew and mold and remains elastic for normal expansion and contraction. It’s also really easy to use! Can’t recommend this stuff enough. After the putty has skinned it should be painted with oil or latex paint.

If you have Steel Windows, see the other product page for Sarco Dual Glaze Putty!

Fancy Alternative: Earth and Flax Linseed Oil Putty ($50)


A short explanation video on Type-M Glaze from my Wood Windows Masterclass: