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I have worked to compile a list of knowledge resources for your use, from podcasts to extra techniques.  I hope they help you!  

*Note that the links listed here are for informational purposes only and are not affiliated with this website.  Additionally, my inclusion of a contractor in the directory below is not a recommendation of the contractor or an endorsement of the contractor's work.  I am merely trying to help people find contractors and to enable contractors to be found.  Please be sure to do your own research.  When choosing a contractor to work on your project, make sure to check their reputation and background, view their previous work, see if they are bonded and insured, and even ask for references before engaging them in a project. 


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Apprenticeship Programs / Schools

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Additional Techniques / Info



"Once organic character is achieved in the work of Art, that work is forever. Like sun, moon, and
stars, great trees, flowers and grass, it is and stays on while and wherever man is."

~Frank Lloyd Wright