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Easy Historic Window Repair & Sash Rope Replacement


This free guide teaches you to repair and maintain your historic windows and replace old sash rope.

Frustrated that you can’t open your historic windows?  Curious about how to maintain them? 

In the videos below I teach you (1) how to get your window open, and (2) how to replace your sash ropes with new ropes. 

This is a great guide those people who want to make their windows work, but not necessarily fully restore them.  

These are easy projects and can be done by just about anyone.  It's also a fun process and having functional windows on your historic building will breathe new life into your space.

Before starting this process, ensure you’ve purchased some new sash ropes.  

    <----- DON'T FORGET TO GET SOME NEW SASH ROPE!!  Takes about a week to be delivered, so get it now!

Window Weight Pocket Doors.  Before starting, I also suggest seeing if you have window weight pocket doors, as I provide extra instructions for folks who have them. It actually makes it a bit easier.  Here is a short explanation about them: A Short Explanation On Window Weight Pocket Doors

Tools.  For this course, I recommend the following tools:

Are you ready to start? Move on to Step One or hop to any chapter below:


Step OneOpening Up The Bottom Sash
Step TwoRemove an Inner Rail
Step ThreeAccess the Weights
Step FourRemove Nails
Step Five Loosen Up Your Pulleys
Step Six Unpack Your New Rope
Step SevenMeasure Out Your New Rope
Step EightMake a Rope Template
Step NineHang your Weights
Step TenThen Repeat the Process on the Other Side
Step ElevenReinstall the Bottom Sash
Step TwelveReinstall the Inner Rail
Step ThirteenReinstall the Trim
ExtraA Short Explanation On Window Weight Pocket Doors

Introduction Video