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Wood Window Restoration

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Below is my chapter map. Each chapter covers a subject area and typically contains several tutorials covering each step within that chapter. The map follows the logic of a window restoration process.

To go to a Chapter – Click on that chapter box.

Start with the Preliminary Information chapter, and then go from there!



Window restoration is not always linear, and some steps can be done in conjunction with each other. On the map, starting at the top, I’ve used a solid line to show you how to move through the primary route and dotted lines to show supplementary routes.

For example, after you dismantle your frame you can choose to begin sash restoration, or you can choose to begin working on your frame. Since I suggest working on your frame first, I put the solid line to that as a next step. However, I also include a dotted line to the sash restoration to show you that you can go there too. Sometimes, you can even work on multiple steps at one time, so I try to visually demonstrate that too.

Additionally, there are some stand-alone chapters that you may want to refer to from time to time. For example, one chapter shows my restoration process, but because it doesn’t fit within the overall process, I left it as a stand-alone chapter separate from the others. There are four stand-alone chapters.

Start with the Preliminary Information chapter. Then you can follow the solid line to the Dismantling the Window Chapter. From there you could go to the chapter covering how to prep your window frame for priming – or go check out how to begin working on your hardware. And so on and so on…

The end of each chapter suggests where you should go from there and gives you options. It’s almost like a choose your own adventure book!

Good luck and have fun! I hope you enjoy…