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MASTER COURSE – Wood Window Restoration

This Master Course is the complete restoration guide to restoring wood windows.  This course has over 140 videos, each with accompanying text to augment the video.  The videos are low budget in their production value. Still, they cover the necessary information and will take you step-by-step through the entire restoration process, from the initial dismantling of the window to the final finishing steps. 

Why are there so many videos if it is a relatively straightforward process?  Well - when I started, I had a million questions about the process.  So, in my videos, I try to answer these questions and cover all the little tips I learned along the way.  I explain as I would to a friend and go over everything I’d want them to know.  You may not need all the information I cover, especially if you’re already handy, but it’s there if you want it.

This course will teach you how to restore the majority of your windows.  However, the course does not teach the advanced carpentry skills needed to build a window or repair a rotted windowsill, for example, as that is more for an expert and beyond the scope of this course. 

However, this course will show you how to dismantle the window, restore it, and put it back together.  Additionally, using this course to restore your windows will leave you more budget for instances where you need to hire a contractor to repair more significant issues.

Note: If you just want to get your windows open and operational again, you can take my free course, “Historic Window Basics.”

One other note: these windows were not standardized.  For example, I demonstrate on windows from wooden houses in my videos.  Windows placed into a brick or stucco house are framed-in slightly differently. Even though there are differences, the lessons covered here will still apply to a brick or stucco house; you will just change a step or two.  I cover these differences and show you what to do, but do not overly focus on them as they are insignificant. 

Below is the chapter map of the course. Since the process is not linear, I’ve created a map allowing you to jump around and work on different areas. Each chapter often has several smaller steps. 

Wood Windows Chapter Map

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