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Introducing the Online Window Restoration Guide

Posted on by Mitch

Introducing the Online Window Restoration Guide


Discover a new go-to resource for learning how to restore historic windows affordably and effectively.



When a homeowner first purchases a historic home, they may see the old windows and think those are the first things that need to go.  Window salespeople may even mysteriously show up and promise the house will be much improved by installing “energy saving” vinyl replacement windows.

But once one takes a closer look at these historic windows, and looks beyond the cracked paint and broken ropes, they may see their first glimpse of the beauty that lies in the small details – the hand-rolled wavy glass, the elegant simplicity, and the craftsmanship of windows that have now lasted for often over a hundred years.

In short, they may quickly discover that these historic windows are architectural treasures hiding in plain sight.  That they are beautiful and noble, and something worth saving.  And once restored, they not only contribute to the overall architectural integrity of the home but can also be made to be more energy efficient.

This is what happened with me.  I became enchanted with my windows, but I knew they were in rough shape. I had no idea how to save them.  I also knew I couldn’t afford to pay a contractor, who quoted in the many thousands.

I was not to be deterred, however, and slowly but surely, I learned how to restore the windows through trial and error.  Once I finished, and saw how beautiful and special they were, I knew I had to help others save their windows too.  That’s why I created this website: to teach the average homeowner and even the most novice beginner how to repair and restore historic wood or steel windows and do so for minimal cost. 

Through step-by-step videos, I share the knowledge I’ve gained in my restoration efforts, but from a beginner’s perspective – someone without any formal construction or carpentry training. This means you won’t be left behind with technical jargon. I keep things simple and teach the course as if I was showing a friend, ensuring the steps are easy to understand.  Plus, you can save thousands of dollars by taking these courses and restoring yourself.  Anyone can do this!

Four Courses and a Tools List

The website offers four in depth courses and even includes a tools list:

Wood Window Restoration Master Course – This is the complete restoration guide to restoring historic, double-hung wood windows.  The lessons cover the necessary information that takes you step-by-step through the entire restoration process, from the initial dismantling of the window to the final finishing steps. This course teaches the traditional restoration process, but also includes other methods to help you save time and keep your wavy glass safe.

Steel Window Restoration Master Course – This is the complete guide to restoring historic steel windows, with a focus on steel casement windows that open and close.  The only steel window restoration course currently available anywhere.  Topics include removing rust and old paint, reglazing, priming, painting, fixing/replacing old cranks and locks, and cleaning and painting metal screens. 

Free Historic Window Repair & Sash Rope Replacement Course – This guide shows you the basics on how to repair and maintain your historic, double-hung wood window.  It also covers how to change out your old sash ropes.  Once you finish these basic steps, your windows will be able to open and close freely, with some nice new sash rope holding them open.  You’ll soon find that having functional windows breathes new life into your historic space.

Free Hardware Restoration Course – Did you know all those old, painted-over window locks, pulleys, doorknobs, and hinges can be made to look quite beautiful?!  This course shows you how to reveal that beauty! This course discusses what is “hardware,” and shows you how to clean and restore it through simple finishing processes.  

Free Tools List – Confused on what tools you need to restore your windows, or do restoration projects generally?  This list helps point you in the right direction, explaining what tools you’ll need and how to get them.  Includes a downloadable spreadsheet of all tools and descriptions, with links on where to buy.

Extra Resources Page:  Need to find a contractor in your state?  Want to learn more about a certain subject?  Need to find a book or article related to windows or historic preservation generally?  Looking for a podcast? Want to know about weatherstripping or replacing broken glass?  All of this and more can be found on my extra resources page, a hub of all things windows.

User Testimonial:

Don’t just take my word for it – hear what a recent customer had to say:

“I have a 1920s craftsman in San Antonio and all of the windows (although not completely destroyed or rotted) need to be restored and reglazed and have the mechanics redone. The cost of having a professional do this was not something I could afford, and I definitely, definitely did not want to replace the beautiful wood windows with some new vinyl replacements. I really want to be able to do the window restoration myself working a little at a time. I started to try to research in the usual places online and on YouTube, and the amount of information on window restoration was so overwhelming and very scattered. It would’ve taken me weeks or months to try to get everything together. I stumbled across Mitchell’s course and emailed him with a couple of questions. He replied instantly to every email and not only answered my questions about the course, but also provided me with several historic home resources here in San Antonio.


Even though I’m waiting for some better weather to start working on my windows, I already registered for his course and started reviewing all of the materials so that I am ready to go.  His course is so thorough and well organized, and is definitely written for the novice, but motivated renovator.  He literally takes you through the restoration process step by step but the course allows you flexibility so that you can modify based on the needs of your window.  His course includes both videos and written description based on your preference!    With his guide, I am not nervous at all about doing this window restoration on my own. In fact, I’m really excited about accomplishing this all by myself.  Thank you for providing a resource to help DIY Historic homeowners save these beautiful historic wood windows!” — Kat


Ready to Start?

Ready to transform your windows without breaking the bank? Please visit the website and begin your restoration journey with me!   

I’d love to hear from you too. Please share your thoughts, questions, or success stories in the comments below.  Thank you!

~ Mitch


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